Goodbye 2019!

So, here we are at the end of another year– and what a wild one it’s been (not that you’d know it from my lack of blog posts).

Things with GARDEN are moving along in preparation for the 2020 publication date. I’ve finished my edits, written my dedication and acknowledgements, and am now patiently waiting for the next steps which should start coming fast and furious after the start of the new year!

I’ve also been working on outlining a potential sequel, though its been a little slow going as my mind is currently twisting around a new project that I’m hoping to have drafted out by late January or early February 2020. I’m not ready to say much more about it than that- but be on the look out for updates on it as we go through next year.

In personal news, the girls continue to grow (Holly will be one in just a few days, and Hazel is a force of nature at two years old). My dissertation work is also progressing- this semester I wrote drafts of the first three chapters and am beginning my research now. Hopefully, I will be able to defend next summer and be wrapped up long before GARDEN goes into print. It’s been tricky balancing so much writing, so I’m happy to have a small break where I can just work on a manuscript without the guilt associated with outstanding coursework.

Thanks to everyone for making 2019 an amazing year for me! I am so excited for 2020– I *know* great things are ahead!



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